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I never exactly know what to say in introductions, so I'll stick with the basic facts. I'm 29 and have been suffering from Major Depression for 19 years. I also have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Social Anxiety, there have also been some questions over how correct my diagnosis is and that I might have Bipolar rather than Major Depression.

Until recently I was studying to be a nurse, a goal I still hope to reach someday, but at the moment things are pretty hard for me. I was recently hospitalized and have only been back at home for a week now. Being home has been hard. I've had to admit that I am not able to keep up my studies at this time, that my illness has been getting worse and make my health my number one priority.

As my intended change of career to nursing might suggest I tend to be better at looking after others than myself. While I would never hurt anybody else - human or non-human, I am adept at hurting myself. Being in hospital made me aware of ways I was hurting myself that I didn't realize. I hadn't been eating or sleeping well, but I was unaware how badly until I was forced into a more 'normal' routine.

My world is one that can be filled with fear. I need to know where I am going and what is expected of me or my anxiety level rise - sometimes to the point of panic attacks.

Today is one of my bad days where even doing something as simple as writing this post becomes an exhausting task, so until next time, nice to meet you all and be well
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